01. Business Card Website

A business card website is a concise web resource with information about a company, products, or services. It showcases the business, advertises offerings, displays prices, and provides contact details. With modern technologies, it can be a robust informational platform.

02. Business website

A business website is a comprehensive effective tool for digital communication with potential customers. Our company helps to formulate and create an image of your company or product, convey the main brand idea to consumers, and develop its digital version.

03. Online store

An online store is a digital platform for displaying and selling products, equipped with features like a product catalog, order and payment systems, search filters, and user accounts.

04. Corporate website

A corporate website is an organization's online platform, supporting its offline business. It presents the company, details its activities and offers, and allows for online applications, feedback collection, and audience data gathering.

05. Landing Page

A Landing Page is a single-page website prompting users to take actions like purchasing or subscribing. Its main goal is to convert visitors into customers. Landing pages boost brand awareness, sales, and SEO. They offer more flexibility for experimentation than traditional websites.

06. Сatalog website

A catalog website is a comprehensive online platform showcasing a company's products and services with descriptions, photos, and articles. It aids potential customers in understanding the offerings and is optimal for wholesale and retail businesses.

07. Blockchain Projects

Blockchain technologies and projects based on them have several advantages and address a wide range of challenges, such as reliable data storage, sending various currencies, document management, decentralized trading, etc. Our team of experienced blockchain developers handles all the necessary tasks to create blockchain services.

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01. Site Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website, providing detailed instructions and recommendations for its optimization: technical audit, SEO, UX/UI, speed, traffic, and more.

02. SEO

We ensure the growth of your business by promoting your website in search engines and increasing traffic. We use a proven methodology to bring your online resource to the top search results pages.

03. PPC Contextual Advertising

We'll provide a constant influx of potential customers to your website thanks to a versatile marketing tool - contextual advertising. We manage the setup, oversee, and analyze advertising campaigns to achieve the most effective results from search engines.

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01. Corporate Identity

We offer services in the development of corporate identity, helping to formulate a unified set of elements that demonstrate the idea and identity of a brand or company. Corporate identity is necessary to properly position a company and stand out from competitors, helping to create a clear associative link between the brand and its products. Corporate identity is a powerful tool for establishing the desired brand image in the eyes of consumers

02. Website Design

Developing a unique and modern website design with a well-thought-out structure and user-friendly usability is a crucial step in website creation. An attractive interface and ease of use will optimally assist in achieving set objectives and provide clear navigation for the user.

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Additional services

Additional services

01. Technical Support

Updating and improving a website are essential steps to ensure its efficiency and functionality are maintained. We offer services for periodic audits or regular monitoring for errors and vulnerabilities, ensuring prompt solutions to any arising issues. We carry out a wide range of technical tasks to ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of your web resource.

02. Web Architecture Design

Web Architecture Design Planning is a key stage in creating an effective web resource. During this phase, the architecture of the future site is developed, considering the specifics of the business and defining the objectives and tasks of the web project. It serves as the foundation for further development, resulting in the drafting of a proper technical assignment and a well-thought-out model for the upcoming project

03. Website Adaptation

The user's impression from interacting with your resource plays a pivotal role. A responsive website design ensures that web page content displays correctly on various devices, dynamically adjusting to different screen resolutions. The best solution for a site is to use responsive design for mobile devices. With this type of layout, the site will be conveniently and clearly displayed on various devices.

04. Testing

Website testing is the process during which the operation of system processes is checked, and the site's functionality and convenience for visitors are determined. The primary goal of testing is to assess the resource's adherence to conditions that guarantee the software product's quality. There are several testing stages, including functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, performance testing, and website security testing

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